Run QLD Rainbow Beach Marathon

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I decided sometime ago to do the Rainbow Beach marathon and signed up thinking of all the training I would be doing. Jump forward 10 weeks and I am suddenly panicking because my training consisted of yoga, short trail walks/runs and lots of cake. Oh well, I thought its  going to hurt.

I drove to Rainbow Beach on Saturday and booked a studio cabin in the caravan park. It was perfect, right in the middle of town and only two minutes from the start the following morning. It was time for a bit of exploring and registration for 5:30pm.

Sunday morning was an early start, up at 5:00am, shower, breakfast and down to the start by 5:45am. It was a chilly morning but with the promise of a beautiful day ahead. The dawn was breaking as we lined up at the start set off on the start if the Rainbow Beach marathon. At this point I am thinking that the half would have been a much more sensible option but too late I was committed.

The run started by crossing the Carlo Sand Blow and following the Cooloola Great Walk to Poona Lake and onto Teewah Beach. We then turned left and followed the beach to Double Island Point and lighthouse overlooking Wide Bay. From here we dropped down to Northern Beach then back up to the Leisha Track to the Carlo Sand Blow and Rainbow Beach. This was a great run with a good mix of terrain.


Propelled into the beauty of Rainbow Beach
Lucky the beach wasn’t too sandy
Shifting sands
Overlooking Rainbow Beach
Fresh prints
Just need to watch for vehicles
The view from the bar
Sights like this, its going to be a great run















Taking it all in
Watching the sunset









Ready to run
First crossing of the Carlos Sand Blow
Cooloola Great Walk
Poona Lake
Teewah Beach
A long way up the beach
but what a view
Looking back along Teewah Beach
Double Island Point Light House
View out to Wide Bay
Not far to go now
Crossing the Sand Blow